Our vision and mission

Our vision

For Ulverston to be a town of variety, creativity and inclusivity for people of all ages and backgrounds, and for the Coro to play a full and inspiring role in that

Our mission

To enrich lives through great experiences

Standing proud in the heart of the small rural market town of Ulverston on the edge of the Lake District, the Coro is an historic arts, culture and entertainment venue. It was built as ‘The Coronation Hall’ by public subscription in 1920 in direct response to the people’s desire for a place to go to enjoy theatre, music, dance and entertainment.

Since that time the Coro has grown into a much-loved venue that showcases world-class performance alongside home-grown artists and locally produced festivals, shows, activities and events.  We encourage and inspire people to engage in quality and accessible music, art, theatre, and comedy, and are committed to providing great experiences for people to enjoy while working towards securing a sustainable future for our venue.

The Coro is a registered charity that is overseen by the social enterprise Ulverston Community Enterprises (UCE).  As one of UCE’s community assets, we are committed to these fundamental strategic priorities.

Priority one: improving youth opportunities

We want young people to enjoy a wider range of opportunities for skills, knowledge and confidence development

Priority two: tackling social isolation

We want people who consider themselves socially isolated to enjoy a greater level of regular, higher quality contact


Priority three: widening reach to all of Ulverston's residents

We want people in more deprived areas of town to feel like they have opportunities to be fully engaged in ‘growth’ of activities


Priority four: integrating and welcoming new residents

We want new residents moving into the area to engage early on with the life of the town and enjoy what there is on offer 


Priority five: increasing artistic and cultural opportunities

We want those interested in the arts (in broadest sense) to enjoy more opportunities


Priority six: more visitors and tourists

We want more people visit the town, and those who visit to decide to stay over because of the attractions and ‘feel’ of the town

Priority seven: a beacon of good practice

We want our model of community engagement and inclusive growth to inspire other organisations and for this to enhance the reputation and development of the town.