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A photo of the Laurel and Hardy statue outside The Coro decked out as eco warriors, with green tarpaulin capes, small green shields with the universal symbol for recycling, green masks and green ribbons on their bowler hats
Ulverston Town Council presents

Ulverston’s Eco Fair

Ulverston’s Eco Fair is back for a fun day full of exhibits all about your Eco future.

Date & Time
The Coro

Free. No tickets required.

Additional details

Discover what strategies groups and individuals are using to cut their carbon footprint and consider what we as individuals can do next to ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Come and meet the exhibitors, including author Kate Rawles who rode over 8000 miles from Colombia to Cape Horn on a bamboo bike; and find out how to get involved with Ulverston in Bloom, Gill Banks Action Group or how to get an allotment. Learn about the ‘Cold to Cosy Homes’ and ‘Solar Made Easy’ projects, get free energy saving advice, and measure your carbon footprint. Enjoy locally sourced food ideas, bring your unwanted gifts to our swap shop, and much more.

This event is produced by Ulverston Town Council