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Cumbria Printmakers

Printfest Workshop 6 CHINE COLLE

What you will learn:
• an alternative and additional application of colour to prints
• process of cutting lino leaving outlines
• how to use tools safely
• planning a design to include chine collè
• inking and printing onto paper provided
• how the process can enhance any prints you make

Date & Time
The Coro Ante Room

Standard: £40

Student: £30

Age: 18+

Additional details

Doors: 08:45

Max. 10 participants

Please bring an apron and rubber gloves to protect clothes and hands.

By booking you agree to our Conditions of Sale and Entry including our refund policy.

Chine Collè

Chine colle is a French term for thin paper, of Asian origin, which is glued (collaged) onto a heavier backing sheet. It is often used in small separate areas on a print and can be used in most printmaking processes. We will be using lino blocks which will either be ready cut to use, or ready to cut with a design outlined on it already, or, for those with some lino experience, blank for your own design. Cutting the lino safely will be demonstrated followed by inking up the lino block using water based printing ink and how you will be shown how to apply your chosen coloured paper. Tools and equipment will be provided. All you need to bring is an apron.

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  • 9.00am - 12.00pm

Meet the Tutor:

Your Tutor:    Kath Lockhart

Kath is a retired teacher of art at secondary level. She is mainly a landscape printer, usually using a reduction lino technique where colours are printed in layers using one piece of lino. Ideas come from everywhere, mostly landscapes from where she lives in the Dales. Weather conditions, seasonal colours and atmosphere dictate the process used. What interests her as much as the image she makes, is the process used to make it, using lino cut techniques and tools, some conventional, some not… However, as always, when the paper is about to be lifted, there is the anticipation and then the moment of surprise when the image is revealed.      
Kath Lockhart is a member of Cumbria Printmakers