The Hare and the Moon

We invite you to attend a magical, winter, theatre experience this Christmas. Walk through the doors of The Coro where you will find a beautiful indoor forest inhabited by some incredible and surprising creatures. They will guide you safely to a clearing where you will meet Hare and her friends as they tell you their intrepid tale of how they put the Winter Moon back into the Night Sky.

Suitable for all ages this stunning Theatre Show, performed by the amazing Fabularium, will be presented throughout December in a Covid-Safe manner, for minimal, socially distanced audiences.


Tickets must be booked in advance, you may book up to 6 tickets but these must be for your household (or bubble). You must not attend with anyone outside of your household (or bubble).

We continue to follow government guidelines very closely and in the event that we are unable to host this show, you will receive a full refund.


About the show

All is not well in the Tundra of Siberia when the Sun disappears from the sky! Plunged into darkness, the Arctic Animals band together to find and reclaim the Sun, but maybe the strongest and brutish of creatures are not the ones who are best for the job. Maybe someone with long ears that is faster, smarter, and more agile is required for the task…

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Your experience

Your health and safety continues to be our top priority.  We have worked with our friends at The Fabularium to carefully craft this show into an interactive experience that maintains social distancing and allows you to move around our newly created winter forest safely.  Full details about about what will happen when you visit, social distancing and COVID-19 security can be seen on the booking screen.

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