Inside Shed

Wednesday 4th August 7.30pm-9pm

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Our sheds are placed in the landscape for anyone to happen upon in their own time and enjoy.  Last year we housed pianos in the sheds, creating an intimate and private performance space at a time when access to music and live performance was all but impossible.  This year we've invited three artists to transform the sheds into new experiences for you to enjoy.  


We won't spoil the surprise but you can go and explore the sheds at Canal Foot, Hoad Hill and Market Cross throughout August and you can join the artists for this very special discussion abuot what inspired them and how they went about transforming the humble garden shed into a magical experience.

A panel discussion will be followed by a live Q&A.


Artsist and Winner of Young Cumbrian Artist of the year 2020


Mel is based in Ulverston and graduated from Manchester School of Art.  Mel says “I use experimental, collaborative and interdisciplinary methods to investigate themes of place, ownership, utopias and our individual and collective interactions with landscapes (both built and natural). On a warm day I can be found walking through the South Lakes landscape, especially near Morecambe Bay which is a place that always fascinates me. On a rainy or cold day I will also be found doing this, but with a waterproof or scarf on!"

Chris dennet.webp

Artist and 'Quirk Ambassador' (yes that's a real job!)


Chris is based in Ulverston and has been involved in many local projects including Trumping Towers (a farting crazy golf hole) and a Mutilating Selfie Booth for Ulverston’s Candlelit Walk.


Chris says "I aim to encourage creativity and play rather than passive observation. I like the awkward bits between the real and digital worlds, and deploy messy, whimsical, interactive silliness to counter the onslaught of tidy, spreadsheet driven blandness.”


Multi-disciplinary artist and arts management professional


Originally from Devon and living in London, Lara is a multi-disciplinary artist and arts management professional working primarily in the outdoor arts sector.


Lara says “I am very interested in the intersection between art and nature, and love visually arresting pieces that provoke audiences to engage with the natural world in a new way.